Mock Man Press

The Map of Zombies (24"x36" poster)

"This map is a must for any zombie aficionado. The detail is impeccable, the artistry awe-inspiring. I used to think I knew a thing or two about zombies, but now I see how much more there is out there for me to discover." -- Alden Bell, author, "The Reapers are the Angels"

For handy reference in the laboratory or in the field, the Map of Zombies categorizes every imaginable type of zombie in a visual format. Drawn in the style of a 24"x36" (61cm x 91cm) vintage medical chart, shipped in a stout 26" long (66cm) poster tube, it identifies over 350 different types of zombies from horror movies, books, video games, comics, manga and TV. Whether they're fast or slow, voodoo-spawned, alien or fungus-infected, friendly or cannibalistic, vulnerable to headshots or only to complete dismemberment, the Map will help you identify the hideously rotten creatures before you. Plus special icons for Romance, Comedy, Animal Zombies, Secondary Apocalypse, Zombires (zombie/vampires) and more!

NEW AS OF APRIL 2015: For an extra $5, get the physical map and the annotated PDF version! (Click on "Zombie Map with PDF" rather than "Zombie Map" above.) The PDF includes tons of info on different zombie types, hundreds of descriptions of specific zombies, plus entries for over 25 new zombie movies, books and comics. We first created the PDF version in March 2014, and in April 2015 we updated it again with even more new zombies from current books and shows. PDFs are delivered by email usually within 24 hours of purchase.